IBC Materials & Technologies

IBC Materials & Technologies has built its capabilities on a strong foundation of research & development focused on surface engineering technologies.

IBC has developed solutions to address specific problems in the areas of wear, corrosion, erosion and low friction.

IBC’s innovation is leading to longer component life and reduced equipment down time.


IBC Materials & Technologies, LLC has manufactured several components for the US Air Force’s aircraft weapons systems.  These components were machined, inspected and protected with wear and corrosion resistant coatings to increase their life.  The US Air Force has been flight testing our PEO (Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation) coated missile launcher rails for over 5 years with zero wear, leading to drawing changes that now require IBC’s PEO coatings for critical missile launcher components.  To complement the wear resistance of PEO coated aluminum components, IBC’s customized DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating forms an excellent pairing as a surface coating for steel components.  Following extensive studies at IBC’s tribological testing laboratory, missile launcher hooks and blades are now required to have IBC’s DLC coatings.  The tests evaluated the PEO/DLC pair under numerous conditions and demonstrated that PEO coatings experienced no wear and that DLC coated surfaces reduced the counter face friction by 65%.

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