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IBC Materials & Technologies, Inc. is a division of the IBC group of companies that specializes in the development of surface treatments for the United States Department of Defense. IBC M&T has received numerous Small Business Innovation Research awards to fund its activities in solving the DoD’s most complex corrosion and wear problems. IBC Materials & Technologies, Inc. and IBC Coatings Technologies, Inc. have managed to commercialize and scale up technologies developed for Defense applications, including Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) CeraTough™ coatings designed for wear resistance.


Our Services

IBC serves customers in multiple industries including automotive, aerospace, agriculture, oil and gas, power generation, nuclear, tool & die, metal forming, military and defense, and food processing among others. We customize the surface treatment technology to your specific requirements.

Take a look at our services below and feel free to contact us about any questions or inquiries.

Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO)

PEO, also known as Micro Arc Oxidation, is a low temperature non line of site electro-chemical process that creates multi functional ceramic coatings on the surface of components immersed in an environmentally friendly electrolyte.

Plasma Electrolytic Polishing (PEP)

PEP is a non line of site electro-chemical polishing process that is performed to components immersed in an environmentally friendlt electrolyte, allowing high levels of surface finishing

Plasma Electrolytic DePainting (PEDP)

PEDP is a non line of site, low temperature, electro-chemical process that allows removal of different paint compositions (epoxy, urethane, etc.) from components immersed in an environmentally friendly electrolyte without damaging the underlying substrate.

Plasma Electrolytic Coating Removal (PECR)

PECR is a low temperature, non line of site, electro-chemical process performed on components immersed in an environmentally friendly electrolyte that can remove different PVD or CVD coatings (TiN, TiALN, CRN, CrAlN, etc.) from complex geometries without harming the surface or bulk material.

Low Friction Coatings (DLC, TiMoS2)

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and Titanium-Doped Molybdenum Disulfide (TiMoS2) are amorphous nano-composite coatings with a combination of high hardness and low friction properties, for unparalleled resistance to fretting, galling, and sliding wear.




Conventional Lubrication vs. CeraTough™
Hard Anodizing vs. CeraTough™

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