Plasma Electrolytic Coating Removal (PECR)


Environmentally Friendly Removal of PVD and DLC Coating

Plasma Electrolytic Coating Removal (PECR) is an environmentally friendly method of using plasma-based electrochemical process to remove hard PVD and CVD coatings from metallic components.  This  proprietary process is performed by creating micro-discharges catalytically on the surface of component that are immersed in non-hazardous electrolyte.  PECR has been performed successfully on multiple alloys and coating systems including DLC coating.  The PECR process is very fast, removing hard coatings in 2-10 minutes without any damage to the underlying substrate material.  On high strength tool steels, the coatings were removed completely and the process provided better surface finish as well as deburred edges.

IBC Materials & Technologies, LLC was awarded numerous extremely competitive Small Business Innovation Research awards from Department of Defense, and Department of Energy to solve wear and corrosion problems of critical components, and eliminate use of hazardous technologies. Many of this developments are now in full production saving millions of dollars to the end users.


Detailed Process Description

In the PECR process, the PVD or CVD coated metallic work piece is placed in an aqueous, environmentally-friendly electrolyte along with an electrode.  Application of high voltage to the part results in generating plasma that envelops the surface and gradually the coating starts to separate from the base substrate.  The temperature electrolyte and the part are maintained below 70oC.  The dissociated heavy elements in aqueous solution can be separated by electrochemical and/or chemical treatments at room temperature.

  • Coatings Removed: TiAlN, TiN, TiCrN, AlCrN, ALCrON, CrN, TiCrAlSiN, DLC, and Rainbow DLC
  • Alloys processed: HSS, Steels, Carbides, Inconel and Ti alloys
  • Non-line-of-sight process: yes
  • Green technology: no hazardous waste streams after an electrochemical or a chemical post-treatment

Metallic components having a PVD or CVD coating that has to be removed without any dimensional change. Typical components include tools that have been previously coated.



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