Ultrasonic Activated De-Painting (UADP)

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Plasma Electrolytic De-Painting (PEDP)

Environmentally Friendly Paint Removal Process

Ultrasonically Activated De-Painting (UADP) Process is an environmentally friendly process to remove the paint and the primer from metallic components. The de-painting process involves the use of high energy ultrasonicator filled with an environmentally friendly water-based solution that is specific to the alloy being de-painted. The painted part is submerged in the ultrasonicator. The ultrasonic waves formed at the transducers of the ultrasonicator result in micro-cavitation that penetrates the paint via ultrasonic activation, gradually dis-bonding the paint from the part. This process does not require the use of harsh chemicals, high pressure spray, or media blasting. The ultrasonicator is closed for the entire de-painting process. Paint remnants in the ultrasonicator tank after UADP processing are easily filtered and discarded. This further reduces operator exposure and process risk. Extensive qualification testing has shown that there is no loss of substrate, corrosion or damage to the part after the de-painting process. The surface roughness is identical before and after the de-painting process.


UADP Process Overview

The overall process consists of three basic steps – (1) Part washing – cleans the part by removing the dirt and oily debris from the part, (2) UADP process – removes the paint, and (3) Power wash – rinses the part to remove any paint remnants from the part. The UADP process has been demonstrated on hundreds of samples including Aluminum and Magnesium sample coupons, Aluminum Wheels, Aluminum Bomb Racks, and Magnesium Gearboxes. The UADP process is easily scalable and can be applied to other coating removal processes.
  • Alloys processed: Al (2014, 2024, and 7075) and Mg (ZE41A and EZ33A)
  • Coating specs: Epoxy primer, Polyurethane topcoat, and Rockhard topcoat over tagnite
  • Non-line-of-sight process
  • Green technology – No hazardous waste streams after simple neutralization
  • Relatively fast paint removal process (90-180 minutes)
  • Easily Scalable
Metallic components that need to be de-painted for inspection and maintenance. These typically include aircraft wheels, landing gear components, gearboxes, bomb racks, and other similar components. This technology can also be used for coating removal such as DLC removal from a steel component.

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